About Me

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where I focused on Natural Language Processing, Machine Reading and Machine Learning. My primary research involved an investigation in what is deemed the "knowledge acquisition bottleneck" - the overwhelming cost involved in manual construction of semantically rich knowledge resources (lexicon and ontology).

If you are interested in reading more, my publications can be found here.

In the private sector, I held the role of Chief Science Officer at Unbound Concepts, where we investigated textual complexity measures with a focus on early education.

In the open source world, I am a founding partner of the OpenWIMs Foundation - an organization focused on developing and instituting standards for textual semantic analysis. The scope of the project includes knowledge engineering and acquisition, textual analysis microtheories, and community driven software solutions.

In my personal life, I entertain myself with good BBQ, good whiskey and good (tabletop) games. Together with my wife, we self-publish advanced games with a whimsical feel under the label Goat-friendly Games.


I provide freelance data science consulting services for Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Engineering, Semantic Reasoning and Machine Learning. If you want to chat, hit me up over here.